The Heart of Caring

Empowering Lives Through Personalized Home Care 

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Reliable In-Home Care Providers

At Lilly’s Home Care, we excel in delivering exceptional in-home care and day-to-day living assistance tailored to the unique needs of each individual. In moments of aging, illness, or recovery, our dependable caregivers stand ready to offer unwavering support. With a genuine passion for making a difference, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the comfort of your home. Lilly's Home Care isn't just a service; it's a compassionate ally on your journey that goes beyond meeting physical needs. 

Whether you require frequent assistance due to aging, illness, or recovery, our dependable caregivers will provide a personalized service that you can trust, ensuring your comfort in your own home.

Skilled and Nurturing

We realize the importance of diverse care plans. Our daily services range from meal preparation, hygiene assistance, and cleaning, to supervision, including specialized memory care and hospice support. We dedicate time to understanding your needs and crafting a care plan that caters to your specific requirements.


Compassionate at Heart

Our firm belief is that companionship forms the foundation of a trusted bond with our caregivers. We go beyond just aiding you with everyday tasks; we aim to build a caring relationship with you.

Our personalized care in the comfort of your home sets us apart from other at-home care providers. We also focus on fall prevention and recovery to ensure your safety at all times.

24/7 Scheduling Support

Available 24 hours to take care of your needs.

Ongoing Case Management

We manage your care plan every step of the way.

Caregiver Updates

Access to our Family Room to keep you informed.

What Our Clients Say

GiGi and her staff were phenomenal. The care they provided for my mother was compassionate, professional, and respectful. Furthermore, they provided my family the same level of care during a very emotional and difficult time. I would highly recommend Lilly’s Home Care, the professional staff, and the compassion shown by each team member exceeded our expectations.”



GiGi is “extraordinaire”. While in the hospital she made me feel safe and secure, and I knew because of her presence I was receiving great care from her as well as the floor nurses. It was obvious to me the floor nurses had great respect for GiGi and her knowledge of proper care for hospital patients.”

Chris E.


If you are looking for some compassionate, caring people, this is the team I highly recommend. Gillian and Tracey are very kind and pleasant people. Their friendliness and professionalism is what I love about them.”

Sarah B.


GiGi is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, rehabilitation, and all aspects of patient care. After a week at home following my operation, GiGi noticed that my recovery was not going as well as it should have, and she took me to the ER. I was admitted and received IV's. Because of GiGi I received the treatment that I needed.”

Sally M.



Offering Empathy Above All

Let us be a part of your journey to enhance your quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a care assessment and experience the heart of caring.